New Property

Ground Breaking Ceremony – May 7, 2016

With the Rector wielding a Claymore sword and the 90 attendees holding palm branches aloft, St. Paul’s Church began its building process with a traditional procession at the site at 999 Flamevine Lane on Saturday, May 5, at 5 pm. Fr. Jon Robbins, the rector, explained that the sword represented what St. Paul called the “sword of the Spirit.” Invoking that Holy Spirit, Fr. Robbins plunged the sword into the earth below what will become the main altar. Building Committee chair Toby Arnheim and Jan Jelmby of Helmet House Construction upheld tradition by first outlining the building’s footprint with mason’s cord and then creating an “X” in the middle, symbolizing the first letter of the name of Christ in Greek.

Bishop Ron Kuykendall blessed the ground and spoke of the positive impact that St. Paul’s will have on the community. Vero Beach Mayor Jay Kramer honored the parish as he broke the ground below the main altar.  Fr. Robbins said, “St. Paul’s is committed to bringing hope and healing to our Indian River community. We will continue to reach out beyond these walls to grace all seekers.”

The Rector, Senior Warden, and Organist Choirmaster of Christ Church Vero Beach, Bishop John Miller, Larry Lauffer, and Brady Johnson respectively, attended, as did Jon and Dell Bates, former owners of the Surf Club on A1A, in which St. Paul’s previously held services. Now the parish meets at the Garden Club of IRC at 2627 17th Avenue in Vero Beach.

The 6550 square foot facility will include a sanctuary for worship, multi—purpose rooms for teaching and for community use, a nursery, offices, and a kitchen. The sanctuary will seat 159 people.

Processing to site with palms

Processing to site with palms

Ground Breaking Ceremony & Site Blessing

Ground Breaking Ceremony & Site Blessing







Pastor Jon claiming site with sword

Pastor Jon claiming site with sword







Building Committee

Building Committee: Pastor Jon, Ed Barret, Natalie Jackson, Marie Roberts, Bob Webster, Lorne Coyle & Toby Arnheim

Bishop Ron, Pastor Jon & Mayor Jay Kramer

Bishop Ron, Pastor Jon & Mayor Jay Kramer







Pr. Jon, Martha, Toby, Helena, Bob & Vestry member Robbie breaking ground

Pr. Jon, Martha, Toby, Helena, Bob & Vestry member Robbie breaking ground Speakers Pr, Bp, Jon Day

Speakers Pr. Jon, Bp. Ron & Jon Day, Sr. Warden






“Demolition Begins” Press Release January 2016 –



Dedication Sunday – August 24, 2014 – Click here for slideshow of pictures:

August 14, 2014 – Press Journal article on new property – click here:

July 2, 2014 – St. Paul’s Church closed on the Flamevine Lane property.

Great News about our property search:

I can’t tell you how exciting it was for me to be able to share the news about the Flamevine property on Easter Sunday. And I know that many of you feel the same way that I do-completely overwhelmed by God’s lavish gift to us. I explained that the building is being given to St. Paul’s by an anonymous benefactor. People have asked me, “You do know who the benefactor is, don’t you?” And I smile. “No, I don’t know who it is.” I honestly don’t know who it is, and out of respect for the benefactor and for God, I don’t want to know. God knows, and that’s all that matters.

969–999 Flamevine Lane, Vero Beach, Florida 32963